From Stardust to Extrasolar Planets:

Dynamics of Exoplanetary and Solar System Bodies

Inverness and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland

15 - 27 August 2022

General Information


Ever since the first discovery of extrasolar planets in 1992 30 years ago, the detection and investigation into the dynamical behaviour of extrasolar planets and planetary systems has been one of the most active and exciting fields in astrodynamics. With the development of space exploration utilising small specialised missions, there is a wealth of new dynamical problems within the Solar System to study. Connecting research and space exploration of our Solar System with exoplanetary science provides insight into the formation, evolution and final endpoint of planetary systems, including our own Solar System.

Taught by lecturers of high-international standing, the summer school will bring together many of our brightest young researchers, providing them with a systematic development from the fundamental mathematics which underpin modern studies of regular and chaotic dynamical behaviour in the few body gravitational problem to a clear view of the most recent developments in extrasolar planets, solar system dynamics and solar system exploration.

The lecturers will explore in interactive practical sessions the methods and tools needed for research into exoplanets and the solar system, the challenges faced by scientists in theory and in observation, focusing on the processes of enquiry as well as the results. They will also deliver thought-provoking talks to lead discussions and debate on new ways forward, possible new paradigms of thinking, finding the missing lines of science, the gaps and exploring the possibilities for future research. It is hoped that the School will enable our young researchers to have the skills to study and solve some of the real and challenging problems facing the future.


This summer school will be the second in a new international summer school series in Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy (CELTA) run under the patronage of the International Astronomical Union Commission A4. The first school entitled Satellite Dynamics and Space Missions, 28 August – 2 September 2017, Viterbo, Italy was highly successful with around 100 participants from over 30 countries:

The new international summer school series continues the tradition of the Cortina series of twelve Advanced Study Institutes/Summer Schools held every three years on the applications of astrodynamics between 1972 and 2007. 2000 and 2007 were SUSSP and STFC funded schools held in Scotland. The topic of the SUSSP 2022 Summer School covers the latest research in Exoplanets and Solar System dynamics and will provide an excellent update 15 years on from the SUSSP2007 entitled Extra Solar Planets: the detection, formation, evolution and dynamics of planetary systems, Skye, May 2007: The textbook from SUSSP2007 was one of SUSSP’s biggest sellers.

Risk Management

The school will be delivered face to face, in residential settings. All in-person experience and environment will follow Covid health and safety measures. The organisers and the University of Highlands and Islands colleges, Inverness and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, have successful expertise in delivering online and in-person provision during the Covid-19 pandemic and in managing Covid-19 health and safety changes for postgraduate research students and staff.

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