3-4  LITERATURE (Last updated: 15-DEC-1996)

 The Fortran FAQ is an important resource list, with a lot of information 
 about FORTRAN literature, tools etc. The main FAQ is maintained by 
 Keith Bierman (Keith.Bierman@Eng.Sun.COM) and an updated version 
 can be retrieved via anonymous FTP: 

    host:       rtfm.mit.edu
    directory:  pub/usenet/usenet/comp.lang.fortran
                (or other equivalent paths)
    file:       Fortran_FAQ

 The Fortran 90 "auxiliary" FAQ is maintained by Michel Olagnon 
 (Michel.Olagnon@ifremer.fr). It is included in the Fortran FAQ, 
 but a newer version can be retrieved via anonymous FTP: 

    host:       ftp.ifremer.fr
    directory:  ifremer/ditigo/fortran90
    file:       engfaq         (text version in English)

 FORTRAN textbooks
 An excellent FORTRAN 77 textbook is offered to the public by 
 the author:

    Clive G. Page:
    Professional Programmer's Guide to Fortran 77
    Pitman, 1988
    122 pages (including index)

 The book can be retrieved (free!) from the author's site via 
 anonymous FTP:

    Host:       ftp.star.le.ac.uk
    Directory:  /pub/fortran
    File:       prof77.ps.gz   (PostScript version)

 There is also a Latex version available.

 The Fortran FAQs contain lists of many other Fortran textbooks

 Numerical Analysis FAQ
 An excellent FAQ on Numerical Analysis is:

     ftp://ftp.mathcom.com/Mathcom/na-faq         ?????????

 It contains a lot of information on Numerical Analysis resources 
 and many related fields.

 Style guides
 Style guides cover a wide range of topics, from program layout
 to code design. 

 This old book (FORTRAN and PL/I examples) is still the best:

    The Elements of Programming Style  1978 (2nd ed.)
    Brian W. Kernighan & P. J. Plauger 
    Mcgraw-hill book Company
    ISBN 0-07-034207-5
 David L. Levine ( levine@ics.uci.edu ) wrote a nice FORTRAN style guide, 
 which can be accessed via anonymous FTP: 

    host:       ics.uci.edu
    directory:  pub/levine
    file:       F77_Style_Guide

 FORTRAN 77 standard
 The FORTRAN 77 standard can be found at the Fortran Market in text
 and HTML (recommended) forms. The standard is not easy to read, but 
 is very interesting, and of course is more complete and authoritative 
 than textbooks.

 Web sites
 The Fortran Market is an excellent source of important information, 
 including STANDARD DOCUMENTS (free!) and free libraries:


 An incredible list of Fortran resources compiled by Tomasz Plewa
 is mirrored at:


 Books on algorithmics
 Literature about algorithms may help you sometimes, here is a short
 list of recommended books:

    The Art of Computer Programming
    Donald E. Knuth
    Addison-Wesley 1969

 An old classic series, contains basic theory and algorithms 
 presented in a mathematical rigorous way (oouch!):

    Introduction to Algorithms
    Udi Manbar
    Addison-Wesley 1989

 An introductory text of algorithmics, very readable:

 Another classic:

    The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
    Aho A.V., J.E. Hopcroft, J.D. ullman
    Addison-Wesley 1974

 Good algorithms can be found in many journals. 

 Books and articles on numerical analysis
 See the Numerical Analysis FAQ at:

    host:       rtfm.mit.edu
    directory:  pub/usenet/news.answers/

 A wonderful (a bit old) book is:

    Dahlquist G., Bjorck A., Anderson N.
    Numerical Methods
    Prentice-Hall, 1974
    ISBN 0-13-627315-7

 An excellent article on floating-point arithmetic:

     David Goldberg
     What Every Computer Scientist Should 
     Know about Floating-Point arithmetic
     ACM Computing Surveys
     Vol. 23 #1  March 1991, pp. 5-48

 Books on mathematics
 A book (in 3 parts) covering all fields of mathematics in a clear 
 and concise way:

     Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics
     Mathematical Society of Japan (Nihon Sugakkai)
     The MIT Press Cambridge, 
     Massachusettes and London England 1986

 Last but not least
 A wealth of trivia and important facts illuminated with humour:

     The new hacker's dictionary
     Edited by Eric S. Raymond
     The MIT press 1991
     Cambridge, Mass ; London, England

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