ALIASING              Associating more than one name with a variable
 CODING                The art of writing source code
 COMPILATION           Translating source code to machine language
 CPU                   Central Processing Unit - 
 FILE-SYSTEM           The system software that performs file-related tasks
 GOOD PROGRAMMING      'ideology' of programming 
 IDENTIFIER            Name of variable, constant, etc
 IMPLEMENTATION        Creating the software/hardware to perform some task
 LINKING               Combining object files (and resolving external symbols)
 MAIN MEMORY           Or RAM (Random Access Memory)
 PROCEDURE             A subroutine or function
 PROGRAMMING PARADIGM  Conceptual model of a programming problem + solution
 REGISTERS             Fast memory units inside the CPU
 ROUTINE               Same as sub-program
 SOURCE CODE           A FORTRAN program or part of it
 STABILITY             Small change in input implies small change in output
 SUB-PROGRAM           A procedure or function

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