Room 3 Slang

This looks pretty basic, really; but could it possibly have been more ghastly?
Angle Bracket > Response to incoming telephone call, cf. "Diga me", "Pronto"
Asterismi Stars
Astrognome Astronomer/astrophysicist
Bozos/bozists/gnomes/gnomists Administrative/authority figures of various sorts
Bulb Idea (an exclamation "Bulb!" preceded its announcement)
Dogfeed List of visual identifications of photographic images
Dumped Married
Fen City / Grambidec Cambridge
Gagalaxies Galaxies (after an erroneously-typed user name)
Gibbon/gorilla Man
Gleaurp/gleaurping Drink/drinking, esp. coffee
Graunch Calculation
Grauncher Computer
Hand-grauncher Calculator
Headbone Problem (on any scale from a glitch to a catastrophe)
Instuffing Input/food
Junketting Travelling, e.g. on observing trip or to conference
Lentilismus! Lenticular galaxy
Looniesville London
Mubber/mubbering Speak/conversation (with a delighted acknowledgment to John Lennon: "great minds..." etc)
Outbleaurging Tirade/vomiting
Outmubbering Output
Outstuffing Output of data for further use
Pantherville Durham (consider the opening bars to the 'Pink Panther' theme)
Skull Control file for the processing of a scanned image
Spiraux! Spiral galaxy
Spiresville Yawning Spiresville, the City of Dreaming Spires
Traffic Car
Wench Woman
Zincksz! Things (esp. anything ill-defined in a theory)

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