Abell 1930

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We present photographic V25 and B25 magnitudes and colour indices for 119 objects within a 10 arcmin square field centred on the cluster Abell 1930.

Data Format

  1. identification number
  2. V25, integrated V-band magnitude within the 25 V mag.arcsec-2 isophote
  3. B25, integrated B-band magnitude within the 25 B mag.arcsec-2 isophote
  4. CI25, (B - V) colour of the image bounded by the 25 B mag.arcsec-2 isophote
We consider a rough average value of the accuracy of these magnitudes to be about 0·15 mag in V25, 0·2 mag in B25 and 0·18 mag in CI25, based on repeated measurements. The sample faintward of V25 = 17·8 contains field stars. Galaxy N1 is contaminated by a nearby star; the colour refers to the area within the 23·5 B mag.arcsec-2 isophote, which is uncontaminated. Objects for which no B25 is quoted are fainter than the blue plate limit.


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