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Salopian slang, early 1960s

A few Salopian reminiscences



My long-term contact was with John M. Buckley (Rt, 1962-1966) although, alas, we never managed to meet up again and now he is deceased. His brother Christopher (I, 1964-1968), now away in Canada, and very famous for his Salopian rowing career, has kindly kept me in the loop.

Secondly, i worked with Tim B. Austin (SH, 1962-1966), a starring Physics Tweak, while we did Oxford astrophysics DPhils together in the 1970s, although he moved on (er - to Seascale, i think) and is not one to exchange Christmas cards.

!! STOP PRESS !! I have just met up with Graham Kingsley-Rowe (Rt, 1960-1964) in Perth (yeah, the Scottish one) after well more than an half century and it was a delight to catch up on very many things [31-AUG-2018]. Golly, what a jungle and what a Borstal the place was back in those benighted days, and hooray for the co-educational transformation, is probably the bottom line from this. Here is an article which he submitted to the Salopian and, mysteriously, did not appear in print: A Salopian Legacy [2019]

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