U.K. and R.O.I. Vehicle Registration Marks

Pre-2001 U.K. and R.O.I. Civilian Vehicle Registration Marks take the following forms: a n n a a nn nn a a nnn nnn a a nnnn nnnn a aa n n aa aa nn nn aa aa nnn nnn aa aa nnnn nnnn aa baa n n baa baa nn nn baa baa nnn nnn baa baa nc cn baa baa nnc cnn baa baa nnnc cnnn baa nnn D nnn - special diplomatic registration nnn X nnn - special embassy staff registration - where a or aa is the Regional Identifier, n.. is a serial number, b is a serial letter (excluding I, Q, Z) and c is the Year Letter. Some R.O.I., Northern Ireland and Channel Island registrations contain more digits than in the pattern above and some Channel Island registrations are merely numeric. Isle of Man Year Letters with baa = MAN are merely serials. Lists of pre-2001 Regional Identifiers and Year Letters follow below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Regional Identifiers (location of first registration): N.B: this system was discontinued in R.O.I. from 1987; a separate list follows below for the post-1987 R.O.I. system. `Old' system (1962) `New' system (1974-2001) ---------------------------------------------------------------- A London AA Hampshire Bournemouth AB Worcestershire Worcester AC Warwickshire Coventry AD Gloucestershire Gloucester AE Bristol Bristol AF Cornwall (except RAF) Truro AG Ayrshire Kingston-upon-Hull AH Norfolk Norwich AI Meath AJ Yorkshire N Middlesbrough AK Bradford Sheffield AL Nottinghamshire Nottingham AM Wiltshire Swindon AN West Ham (MAN: Isle of Man) Reading (MAN: Isle of Man) AO Cumberland Carlisle AP Sussex E Brighton AR Hertfordshire Chelmsford AS Nairn Inverness AT Kingston-upon-Hull Kingston-upon-Hull AU Nottingham Nottingham AV Aberdeenshire Peterborough AW Shropshire Shrewsbury AX Monmouthshire Cardiff AY Leicestershire Leicester AY Alderney Alderney AZ Belfast Belfast B Lancashire BA Salford Manchester BB Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newcastle-upon-Tyne BC Leicester Leicester BD Northamptonshire Northampton BE Lincolnshire (Lindsey) Lincoln BF Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent BG Birkenhead Liverpool BH Buckinghamshire Luton BI Monaghan BJ Suffolk E Ipswich BK Portsmouth Portsmouth BL Berkshire Reading BM Bedfordshire Luton BN Bolton Manchester BO Cardiff Cardiff BP Sussex W Portsmouth BR Sunderland Newcastle-upon-Tyne BS Orkney Aberdeen BT Yorkshire E Leeds BU Oldham Manchester BV Blackburn Preston BW Oxfordshire Oxford BX Carmarthenshire Haverfordwest BY Croydon London NW BZ Down Belfast C Yorkshire W CA Denbighshire Chester CB Blackburn Manchester CC Caernarvonshire Bangor CD Brighton Brighton CE Cambridgeshire Peterborough CF Suffolk W Reading CG Hampshire Bournemouth CH Derby Nottingham CI Laois CJ Herefordshire Gloucester CK Preston Preston CL Norwich Norwich CM Birkenhead Liverpool CN Gateshead Newcastle-upon-Tyne CO Plymouth Exeter CP Halifax Huddersfield CR Southampton Portsmouth CS Ayrshire Glasgow CT Lincolnshire (Kesteven) Lincoln CU South Shields Newcastle-upon-Tyne CV Cornwall Truro CW Burnley Preston CX Huddersfield Huddersfield CY Swansea Swansea CZ Belfast D Kent DA Wolverhampton Birmingham DB Stockport Manchester DC Middlesbrough Middlesbrough DD Gloucestershire Gloucester DE Pembrokeshire Haverfordwest DF Gloucestershire Gloucester DG Gloucestershire Gloucester DH Walsall Dudley DI Roscommon DJ St Helens Liverpool DK Rochdale Manchester DL Isle of Wight Portsmouth DM Flintshire Chester DN York Leeds DO Lincolnshire (Holland) Lincoln DP Reading Reading DR Plymouth Exeter DS Peeblesshire Glasgow DT Doncaster Sheffield DU Coventry Coventry DV Devon Exeter DW Newport (Mon) Cardiff DX Ipswitch Ipswich DY Hastings Brighton DZ Antrim Belfast E Staffordshire EA West Bromwich Dudley EB Isle of Ely Peterborough EC Westmorland Preston ED Warrington Liverpool EE Grimsby Lincoln EF West Hartlepool Middlesbrough EG Soke of Peterborough Peterborough EH Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent EI Sligo EJ Cardiganshire Haverfordwest EK Wigan Liverpool EL Bournemouth Bournemouth EM Bootle Liverpool EN Bury Manchester EO Barrow-in-Furness Preston EP Montgomeryshire Swansea ER Cambridgeshire Peterborough ES Perthshire Dundee ET Rotherham Sheffield EU Brecknockshire Bristol EV Essex Chelmsford EW Huntingdonshire Peterborough EX Great Yarmouth Norwich EY Anglesey Bangor EZ Belfast F Essex FA Burton-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent FB Bath Bristol FC Oxford Oxford FD Dudley Dudley FE Lincoln Lincoln FF Merionethshire Bangor FG Fife Brighton FH Gloucester Gloucester FI Tipperary FJ Exeter Exeter FK Worcester Dudley FL Soke of Peterborough Peterborough FM Chester Chester FN Canterbury Maidstone FO Radnorshire Gloucester FP Rutland Leicester FR Blackpool Preston FS Edinburgh Edinburgh FT Tynemouth Newcastle-upon-Tyne FU Lincolnshire (Lindsey) Lincoln FV Blackpool Preston FW Lincolnshire (Lindsey) Lincoln FX Dorset Bournemouth FY Southport Liverpool FZ Belfast G Glasgow GA Glasgow Glasgow GB Glasgow Glasgow GC London London SW GD Glasgow Glasgow GE Glasgow Glasgow GF London London SW GG Glasgow Glasgow GH London London SW GJ London London SW GK London London SW GL Bath Truro GM Motherwell and Wishaw Reading GN London London SW GO London London SW GP London London SW GR Sunderland Newcastle-upon-Tyne GS Perthshire Luton GT London London SW GU London London SE GV Suffolk W Ipswich GW London London SE GX London London SE GY London London SE GZ Belfast H Middlesex HA Smethwick Dudley HB Merthyr Tydfil Cardiff HC Eastbourne Brighton HD Dewsbury Huddersfield HE Barnsley Sheffield HF Wallasey Liverpool HG Burnley Preston HH Carlisle Carlisle HI Tipperary HJ Southend Chelmsford HK Essex Chelmsford HL Wakefield Sheffield HM East Ham London C HN Darlington Middlesbrough HO Hampshire Bournemouth HP Coventry Coventry HR Wiltshire Swindon HS Renfrewshire Glasgow HT Bristol Bristol HU Bristol Bristol HV East Ham London C HW Bristol Bristol HX Middlesex London C HY Bristol Bristol HZ Tyrone IA Antrim Belfast IB Armagh Belfast IC Carlow ID Cavan IE Clare IF Cork (County) IG Fermanagh IH Donegal IJ Down Belfast IK City and County of Dublin IL Fermanagh Belfast IM Galway IN Kerry IO Kildare IP Kilkenny IR Offaly IT Leitrim IU Limerick IW County Londonderry Belfast IX Longford IY Louth IZ Mayo J Durham (County) J Jersey Jersey JA Stockport Manchester JB Berkshire Reading JC Caernarvonshire Bangor JD West Ham London C JE Isle of Ely Peterborough JF Leicester Leicester JG Canterbury Maidstone JH Hertfordshire Reading JI Tyrone Belfast JJ London Maidstone JK Eastbourne Brighton JL Lincolnshire (Holland) Lincoln JM Westmorland Reading JN Southend Chelmsford JO Oxford Oxford JP Wigan Liverpool JR Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne JS Ross and Cromarty Inverness JT Dorset Bournemouth JU Leicestershire Leicester JV Grimsby Lincoln JW Wolverhampton Birmingham JX Halifax Huddersfield JY Plymouth Exeter JZ Down K Liverpool KA Liverpool Liverpool KB Liverpool Liverpool KC Liverpool Liverpool KD Liverpool Liverpool KE Kent Maidstone KF Liverpool Liverpool KG Cardiff Cardiff KH Kingston-upon-Hull Kingston-upon-Hull KI Waterford KJ Kent Maidstone KK Kent Maidstone KL Kent Maidstone KM Kent Maidstone KN Kent Maidstone KO Kent Maidstone KP Kent Maidstone KR Kent Maidstone KS Roxburghshire Edinburgh KT Kent Maidstone KU Bradford Sheffield KV Coventry Coventry KW Bradford Sheffield KX Buckinghamshire Luton KY Bradford Sheffield KZ Antrim L Glamorganshire LA London London NW LB London London NW LC London London NW LD London London NW LE London London NW LF London London NW LG Cheshire Chester LH London London NW LI Westmeath LJ Bournemouth Bournemouth LK London London NW LL London London NW LM London London NW LN London London NW LO London London NW LP London London NW LR London London NW LS Selkirkshire Edinburgh LT London London NW LU London London NW LV Liverpool Liverpool LW London London NW LX London London NW LY London London NW LZ Armagh M Cheshire MA Cheshire Chester MB Cheshire Chester MC Middlesex London NE MD Middlesex London NE ME Middlesex London NE MF Middlesex London NE MG Middlesex London NE MH Middlesex London NE MI Wexford MJ Bedfordshire Luton MK Middlesex London NE ML Middlesex London NE MM Middlesex London NE MN Isle of Man Isle of Man MO Berkshire Reading MP Middlesex London NE MR Wiltshire Swindon MS Stirlingshire Edinburgh MT Middlesex London NE MU Middlesex London NE MV Middlesex London SE MW Wiltshire Swindon MX Middlesex London SE MY Middlesex London SE MZ Belfast N Manchester NA Manchester Manchester NB Manchester Manchester NC Manchester Manchester ND Manchester Manchester NE Manchester Manchester NF Manchester Manchester NG Norfolk Norwich NH Northampton Northampton NI Wicklow (QNI: indeterminate age and kit cars) NJ Sussex E Brighton NK Hertfordshire Luton NL Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne NM Bedfordshire Luton NN Nottinghamshire Nottingham NO Essex Chelmsford NP Worcestershire Worcester NR Leicestershire Leicester NS Sutherland Glasgow NT Shropshire Shrewsbury NU Derbyshire Nottingham NV Northamptonshire Northampton NW Leeds Leeds NX Warwickshire Dudley NY Glamoghanshire Cardiff NZ Londonderry O Birmingham OA Birmingham Birmingham OB Birmingham Birmingham OC Birmingham Birmingham OD Devon Exeter OE Birmingham Birmingham OF Birmingham Birmingham OG Birmingham Birmingham OH Birmingham Birmingham OI Belfast Belfast OJ Birmingham Birmingham OK Birmingham Birmingham OL Birmingham Birmingham OM Birmingham Birmingham ON Birmingham Birmingham OO Essex Chelmsford OP Birmingham Birmingham OR Hampshire Portsmouth OS Wigtownshire Glasgow OT Hampshire Portsmouth OU Hampshire Bristol OV Birmingham Birmingham OW Southampton Portsmouth OX Birmingham Birmingham OY Croydon London NW OZ Belfast P Surrey PA Surrey Guildford PB Surrey Guildford PC Surrey Guildford PD Surrey Guildford PE Surrey Guildford PF Surrey Guildford PG Surrey Guildford PH Surrey Guildford PI Cork PJ Surrey Guildford PK Surrey Guildford PL Surrey Guildford PM Sussex E Guildford PN Sussex E Brighton PO Sussex W (GPO: London) Portsmouth PP Buckinghamshire Luton PR Dorset Bournemouth PS Shetland Aberdeen PT Durham (County) Newcastle-upon-Tyne PU Essex Chelmsford PV Ipswich Ipswich PW Norfolk Norwich PX Sussex W Portsmouth PY Yorkshire N Middlesbrough PZ Belfast QA London (temporary import) QB London (temporary import) QC London (temporary import) QD London (temporary import) QE London (temporary import) QF London (temporary import) QG London (temporary import) QH London (temporary import) QJ London (temporary import) QK London (temporary import) QL London (temporary import) QM London (temporary import) QN London (temporary import) QP London (temporary import) QQ London (temporary import) QS London (temporary import) R Derbyshire RA Derbyshire Nottingham RB Derbyshire Nottingham RC Derby Nottingham RD Reading Reading RE Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent RF Staffordshire Stoke-on-Trent RG Aberdeen Newcastle-upon-Tyne RH Kingston-upon-Hull Kingston-upon-Hull RI City and County of Dublin RJ Salford Manchester RK Croydon London NW RL Cornwall Truro RM Cumberland Carlisle RN Preston Preston RO Hertfordshire Luton RP Northamptonshire Northampton RR Nottinghamshire Nottingham RS Aberdeen Aberdeen RT Suffolk E Ipswich RU Bournemouth Bournemouth RV Portsmouth Portsmouth RW Coventry Coventry RX Berkshire Reading RY Leicester Leicester RZ Antrim S Edinburgh SA Aberdeenshire Aberdeen SB Argyllshire Glasgow SC Edinburgh Edinburgh SD Ayrshire Glasgow SE Banffshire Aberdeen SF Edinburgh Edinburgh SG Edinburgh Edinburgh SH Berwickshire Edinburgh SJ Bute Glasgow SK Caithness Inverness SL Clackmannanshire Dundee SM Dumfriesshire Carlisle SN Dunbartonshire (USN: London) Dundee SO Morayshire Aberdeen SP Fife Dundee SR Angus Dundee SS East Lothian Aberdeen ST Inverness-shire Inverness SU Kincardineshire Glasgow SV Kinross-shire SW Kirkcudbrightshire Carlisle SX West Lothian Edinburgh SY Midlothian SZ Down T Devon TA Devon Exeter TB Lancashire Liverpool TC Lancashire Bristol TD Lancashire Manchester TE Lancashire Manchester TF Lancashire Reading TG Glamorganshire Cardiff TH Carmarthenshire Swansea TI Limerick TJ Lancashire Liverpool TK Dorset Exeter TL Lincolnshire (Kesteven) Lincoln TM Bedfordshire Luton TN Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newcastle-upon-Tyne TO Nottingham Nottingham TP Portsmouth Portsmouth TR Southampton Portsmouth TS Dundee Dundee TT Devon Exeter TU Cheshire Chester TV Nottingham Nottingham TW Essex Chelmsford TX Glamorganshire Cardiff TY Northumberland Newcastle-upon-Tyne TZ Belfast (LTZ: London) U Leeds UA Leeds Leeds UB Leeds Leeds UC London London C UD Oxfordshire Oxford UE Warwickshire Dudley UF Brighton Brighton UG Leeds Leeds UH Cardiff Cardiff UI Londonderry Belfast UJ Shropshire Shrewsbury UK Wolverhampton Birmingham UL London London C UM Leeds Leeds UN Denbighshire Exeter UO Devon Exeter UP Durham (County) Newcastle-upon-Tyne UR Hertfordshire Luton US Glasgow Glasgow UT Leicestershire Leicester UU London London C UV London London C UW London London C UX Shropshire Shrewsbury UY Worcestershire Worcester UZ Belfast V Lanarkshire VA Lanarkshire Peterborough VB Croydon Maidstone VC Coventry Coventry VD Lanarkshire VE Cambridgeshire Peterborough VF Norfolk Norwich VG Norwich Norwich VH Huddersfield Huddersfield VJ Herefordshire Gloucester VK Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newcastle-upon-Tyne VL Lincoln Lincoln VM Manchester Manchester VN Yorkshire N Middlesbrough VO Nottinghamshire Nottingham VP Birmingham Birmingham VR Manchester Manchester VS Greenock Luton VT Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent VU Manchester Manchester VV Northampton Northampton VW Essex Chelmsford VX Essex Chelmsford VY York Leeds VZ Tyrone W Sheffield WA Sheffield Sheffield WB Sheffield Sheffield WC Essex Chelmsford WD Warwickshire Dudley WE Sheffield Sheffield WF Yorkshire E Sheffield WG Stirlingshire Sheffield WH Bolton Manchester WI Waterford WJ Sheffield Sheffield WK Coventry Coventry WL Oxford Oxford WM Southport Liverpool WN Swansea Swansea WO Monmouthshire Cardiff WP Worcestershire Worcester WR Yorkshire W Leeds WS Edinburgh Bristol WT Yorkshire W Leeds WU Yorkshire W Leeds WV Wiltshire Brighton WW Yorkshire W Leeds WX Yorkshire W Leeds WY Yorkshire W Leeds WZ Belfast X Northumberland XA London XB London XC London XD London XE London XF London XG Middlesbrough XH London XI Belfast Belfast XJ Manchester XK London XL London XM London XN London XO London XP London XR London XS Paisley XT London XU London XV London XW London XX London XY London XZ Armagh Y Somerset YA Somerset Taunton YB Somerset Taunton YC Somerset Taunton YD Somerset Taunton YE London London C YF London London C YG Yorkshire W Leeds YH London London C YI City and County of Dublin YJ Dundee Brighton YK London London C YL London London C YM London London C YN London London C YO London London C YP London London C YR London London C YS Glasgow Glasgow YT London London C YU London London C YV London London C YW London London C YX London London C YY London London C YZ County Londonderry Z City and County of Dublin ZA City and County of Dublin ZB Cork (County) ZC City and County of Dublin ZD City and County of Dublin ZE City and County of Dublin ZF Cork (Borough) ZH City and County of Dublin ZI City and County of Dublin ZJ City and County of Dublin ZK Cork (County) ZL City and County of Dublin ZM Galway ZN Meath ZO City and County of Dublin ZP Donegal ZR Wexford ZT Cork (County) ZU City and County of Dublin ZV (vintage) ZW Kildare ZX Kerry ZY Louth ZZ (temporary import) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Year Letters (except R.O.I., Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands): None: Before FEB-1963 Suffices: A FEB-1963 to DEC-1963 B JAN-1964 to DEC-1964 C JAN-1965 to DEC-1965 D JAN-1966 to DEC-1966 E JAN-1967 to JUL-1967 F AUG-1967 to JUL-1968 G AUG-1968 to JUL-1969 H AUG-1969 to JUL-1970 J AUG-1970 to JUL-1971 K AUG-1971 to JUL-1972 L AUG-1972 to JUL-1973 M AUG-1973 to JUL-1974 N AUG-1974 to JUL-1975 P AUG-1975 to JUL-1976 Q Special or temporarily imported from abroad R AUG-1976 to JUL-1977 S AUG-1977 to JUL-1978 T AUG-1978 to JUL-1979 V AUG-1979 to JUL-1980 W AUG-1980 to JUL-1981 X AUG-1981 to JUL-1982 Y AUG-1982 to JUL-1983 Prefixes: A AUG-1983 to JUL-1984 B AUG-1984 to JUL-1985 C AUG-1985 to JUL-1986 D AUG-1986 to JUL-1987 E AUG-1987 to JUL-1988 F AUG-1988 to JUL-1989 G AUG-1989 to JUL-1990 H AUG-1990 to JUL-1991 J AUG-1991 to JUL-1992 K AUG-1992 to JUL-1993 L AUG-1993 to JUL-1994 M AUG-1994 to JUL-1995 N AUG-1995 to JUL-1996 P AUG-1996 to JUL-1997 Q Special or temporarily imported from abroad R AUG-1997 to JUL-1998 S AUG-1998 to FEB-1999 T MAR-1999 to AUG-1999 V SEP-1999 to FEB-2000 W MAR-2000 to AUG-2000 X SEP-2000 to FEB-2001 Y MAR-2001 to AUG-2001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ From SEP-2001, a new system was adopted with registration marks of the following form: abnn ccc - where a is the Area Identifier, b is the Vehicle Registration Office identifier, nn is the year number and ccc are random letters. Lists of post-2001 mainland Area and Office Identifiers and Year Numbers follow below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Area and Office Identifiers (location of first registration): A Anglia Peterborough AA Peterborough AB Peterborough AC Peterborough AD Peterborough AE Peterborough AF Peterborough AG Peterborough AH Peterborough AJ Peterborough AK Peterborough AL Peterborough AM Peterborough AN Norwich AO Norwich AP Norwich AR Norwich AS Norwich AT Norwich AU Ipswich AV Ipswich AW Ipswich AX Ipswich AY B Birmingham Birmingham BA Birmingham BB Birmingham BC Birmingham BD Birmingham BE Birmingham BF Birmingham BG Birmingham BH Birmingham BJ Birmingham BK Birmingham BL Birmingham BM Birmingham BN Birmingham BO Birmingham BP Birmingham BR Birmingham BS Birmingham BT Birmingham BU Birmingham BV Birmingham BW Birmingham BX Birmingham BY C Cymru Cardiff CA Cardiff CB Cardiff CC Cardiff CD Cardiff CE Cardiff CF Cardiff CG Cardiff CH Cardiff CJ Cardiff CK Cardiff CL Cardiff CM Cardiff CN Cardiff CO Swansea CP Swansea CR Swansea CS Swansea CT Swansea CU Swansea CV Bangor CW Bangor CX Bangor CY D Deeside to Shrewsbury Chester DA Chester DB Chester DC Chester DD Chester DE Chester DF Chester DG Chester DH Chester DJ Chester DK Shrewsbury DL Shrewsbury DM Shrewsbury DN Shrewsbury DO Shrewsbury DP Shrewsbury DR Shrewsbury DS Shrewsbury DT Shrewsbury DU Shrewsbury DV Shrewsbury DW Shrewsbury DX Shrewsbury DY E Essex Chelmsford EA Chelmsford EB Chelmsford EC Chelmsford ED Chelmsford EE Chelmsford EF Chelmsford EG Chelmsford EH Chelmsford EJ Chelmsford EK Chelmsford EL Chelmsford EM Chelmsford EN Chelmsford EO Chelmsford EP Chelmsford ER Chelmsford ES Chelmsford ET Chelmsford EU Chelmsford EV Chelmsford EW Chelmsford EX Chelmsford EY F Forest and Fens Nottingham FA Nottingham FB Nottingham FC Nottingham FD Nottingham FE Nottingham FF Nottingham FG Nottingham FH Nottingham FJ Nottingham FK Nottingham FL Nottingham FM Nottingham FN Nottingham FO Nottingham FP Lincoln FR Lincoln FS Lincoln FT Lincoln FU Lincoln FV Lincoln FW Lincoln FX Lincoln FY G Garden of England Maidstone GA Maidstone GB Maidstone GC Maidstone GD Maidstone GE Maidstone GF Maidstone GG Maidstone GH Maidstone GJ Maidstone GK Maidstone GL Maidstone GM Maidstone GN Maidstone GO Brighton GP Brighton GR Brighton GS Brighton GT Brighton GU Brighton GV Brighton GW Brighton GX Brighton GY H Hampshire and Dorset Bournemouth HA Bournemouth HB Bournemouth HC Bournemouth HD Bournemouth HE Bournemouth HF Bournemouth HG Bournemouth HH Bournemouth HJ Portsmouth HK Portsmouth HL Portsmouth HM Portsmouth HN Portsmouth HO Portsmouth HP Portsmouth HR Portsmouth HS Portsmouth HT Portsmouth HU Portsmouth HV Isle of Wight HW Portsmouth HX Portsmouth HY J K Milton Keynes Borehamwood/Luton KA Borehamwood/Luton KB Borehamwood/Luton KC Borehamwood/Luton KD Borehamwood/Luton KE Borehamwood/Luton KF Borehamwood/Luton KG Borehamwood/Luton KH Borehamwood/Luton KJ Borehamwood/Luton KK Borehamwood/Luton KL Northampton KM Northampton KN Northampton KO Northampton KP Northampton KR Northampton KS Northampton KT Northampton KU Northampton KV Northampton KW Northampton KX Northampton KY L London Wimbledon LA Wimbledon LB Wimbledon LC Wimbledon LD Wimbledon LE Wimbledon LF Wimbledon LG Wimbledon LH Wimbledon LJ Stanmore LK Stanmore LL Stanmore LM Stanmore LN Stanmore LO Stanmore LP Stanmore LR Stanmore LS Stanmore LT Sidcup LU Sidcup LV Sidcup LW Sidcup LX Sidcup LY M Manchester and Merseyside Manchester MA Manchester MB Manchester MC Manchester MD Manchester ME Manchester MF Manchester MG Manchester MH Manchester MJ Manchester MK Manchester ML Manchester MM Isle of Man MN Manchester MO Manchester MP Manchester MR Manchester MS Manchester MT Manchester MU Manchester MV Manchester MW Manchester MX Manchester MY N North Newcastle upon Tyne NA Newcastle upon Tyne NB Newcastle upon Tyne NC Newcastle upon Tyne ND Newcastle upon Tyne NE Newcastle upon Tyne NF (not issued) Newcastle upon Tyne NG Newcastle upon Tyne NH Newcastle upon Tyne NJ Newcastle upon Tyne NK Newcastle upon Tyne NL Newcastle upon Tyne NM Newcastle upon Tyne NN Newcastle upon Tyne NO Stockton upon Tees NP Stockton upon Tees NR Stockton upon Tees NS Stockton upon Tees NT Stockton upon Tees NU Stockton upon Tees NV Stockton upon Tees NW Stockton upon Tees NX Stockton upon Tees NY O Oxford Oxford OA Oxford OB Oxford OC Oxford OD Oxford OE Oxford OF Oxford OG Oxford OH Oxford OJ Oxford OK Oxford OL Oxford OM Oxford ON Oxford OO Oxford OP Oxford OR Oxford OS Oxford OT Oxford OU Oxford OV Oxford OW Oxford OX Oxford OY P Preston Preston PA Preston PB Preston PC Preston PD Preston PE Preston PF Preston PG Preston PH Preston PJ Preston PK Preston PL Preston PM Preston PN Preston PO Preston PP Preston PR Preston PS Preston PT Carlisle PU Carlisle PV Carlisle PW Carlisle PX Carlisle PY R Reading Reading RA Reading RB Reading RC Reading RD Reading RE Reading RF Reading RG Reading RH Reading RJ Reading RK Reading RL Reading RM Reading RN Reading RO Reading RP Reading RR Reading RS Reading RT Reading RU Reading RV Reading RW Reading RX Reading RY S,T Scotland Glasgow SA Glasgow SB Glasgow SC Glasgow SD Glasgow SE Glasgow SF Glasgow SG Glasgow SH Glasgow SJ Edinburgh SK Edinburgh SL Edinburgh SM Edinburgh SN Edinburgh SO Dundee SP Dundee SR Dundee SS Dundee ST Aberdeen SU Aberdeen SV Aberdeen SW Inverness SX Inverness SY Glasgow TF Glasgow TH Glasgow TJ Edinburgh TK Edinburgh TL Edinburgh TM Edinburgh TN (MAR-2007 et seq.) Dundee TP V Severn Valley Worcester VA Worcester VB Worcester VC Worcester VD Worcester VE Worcester VF Worcester VG Worcester VH Worcester VJ Worcester VK Worcester VL Worcester VM Worcester VN Worcester VO Worcester VP Worcester VR Worcester VS Worcester VT Worcester VU Worcester VV Worcester VW Worcester VX Worcester VY W West Country Exeter WA Exeter WB Exeter WC Exeter WD Exeter WE Exeter WF Exeter WG Exeter WH Exeter WJ Truro WK Truro WL Bristol WM Bristol WN Bristol WO Bristol WP Bristol WR Bristol WS Bristol WT Bristol WU Bristol WV Bristol WW Bristol WX Bristol WY X Personal Export XA XB XC XD XE XF Y Yorkshire Leeds YA Leeds YB Leeds YC Leeds YD Leeds YE Leeds YF Leeds YG Leeds YH Leeds YJ Leeds YK Sheffield YL Sheffield YM Sheffield YN Sheffield YO Sheffield YP Sheffield YR Sheffield YS Sheffield YT Sheffield YU Beverley YV Beverley YW Beverley YX Beverley YY ---------------------------------------------------------------- Year Numbers: 51 SEP-2001 to FEB-2002 02 MAR-2002 to AUG-2002 52 SEP-2002 to FEB-2003 03 MAR-2003 to AUG-2003 53 SEP-2003 to FEB-2004 04 MAR-2004 to AUG-2004 54 SEP-2004 to FEB-2005 05 MAR-2005 to AUG-2005 55 SEP-2005 to FEB-2006 06 MAR-2006 to AUG-2006 56 SEP-2006 to FEB-2007 07 MAR-2007 to AUG-2007 57 SEP-2007 to FEB-2008 08 MAR-2008 to AUG-2008 58 SEP-2008 to FEB-2009 09 MAR-2009 to AUG-2009 59 SEP-2009 to FEB-2010 10 MAR-2010 to AUG-2010 60 SEP-2010 to FEB-2011 11 MAR-2011 to AUG-2011 61 SEP-2011 to FEB-2012 12 MAR-2012 to AUG-2012 62 SEP-2012 to FEB-2013 13 MAR-2013 to AUG-2013 63 SEP-2013 to FEB-2014 14 MAR-2014 to AUG-2014 64 SEP-2014 to FEB-2015 15 MAR-2015 to AUG-2015 65 SEP-2015 to FEB-2016 16 MAR-2016 to AUG-2016 66 SEP-2016 to FEB-2017 17 MAR-2017 to AUG-2017 67 SEP-2017 to FEB-2018 18 MAR-2018 to AUG-2018 68 SEP-2018 to FEB-2019 19 MAR-2019 to AUG-2019 69 SEP-2019 to FEB-2020 20 MAR-2020 to AUG-2020 70 SEP-2020 to FEB-2021 21 MAR-2021 to AUG-2021 71 SEP-2021 to FEB-2022 22 MAR-2022 to AUG-2022 72 SEP-2022 to FEB-2023 23 MAR-2023 to AUG-2023 73 SEP-2023 to FEB-2024 24 MAR-2024 to AUG-2024 74 SEP-2024 to FEB-2025 25 MAR-2025 to AUG-2025 75 SEP-2025 to FEB-2026 26 MAR-2026 to AUG-2026 76 SEP-2026 to FEB-2027 27 MAR-2027 to AUG-2027 77 SEP-2027 to FEB-2028 28 MAR-2028 to AUG-2028 78 SEP-2028 to FEB-2029 29 MAR-2029 to AUG-2029 79 SEP-2029 to FEB-2030 30 MAR-2030 to AUG-2030 80 SEP-2030 to FEB-2031 31 MAR-2031 to AUG-2031 81 SEP-2031 to FEB-2032 32 MAR-2032 to AUG-2032 82 SEP-2032 to FEB-2033 33 MAR-2033 to AUG-2033 83 SEP-2033 to FEB-2034 34 MAR-2034 to AUG-2034 84 SEP-2034 to FEB-2035 35 MAR-2035 to AUG-2035 85 SEP-2035 to FEB-2036 36 MAR-2036 to AUG-2036 86 SEP-2036 to FEB-2037 37 MAR-2037 to AUG-2037 87 SEP-2037 to FEB-2038 38 MAR-2038 to AUG-2038 88 SEP-2038 to FEB-2039 39 MAR-2039 to AUG-2039 89 SEP-2039 to FEB-2040 40 MAR-2040 to AUG-2040 90 SEP-2040 to FEB-2041 41 MAR-2041 to AUG-2041 91 SEP-2041 to FEB-2042 42 MAR-2042 to AUG-2042 92 SEP-2042 to FEB-2043 43 MAR-2043 to AUG-2043 93 SEP-2043 to FEB-2044 44 MAR-2044 to AUG-2044 94 SEP-2044 to FEB-2045 45 MAR-2045 to AUG-2045 95 SEP-2045 to FEB-2046 46 MAR-2046 to AUG-2046 96 SEP-2046 to FEB-2047 47 MAR-2047 to AUG-2047 97 SEP-2047 to FEB-2048 48 MAR-2048 to AUG-2048 98 SEP-2048 to FEB-2049 49 MAR-2049 to AUG-2049 99 SEP-2049 to FEB-2050 50 MAR-2050 to AUG-2050 00 SEP-2050 to FEB-2051 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post-1987 R.O.I. Civilian Vehicle Registration Marks take the following forms: aa-b-n..... aa-bb-n..... ZV nnnn Dublin (4 digits) ZV nnnnn - first registration of vehicle older than 30 years (5 digits) ZZ n.... - temporary import - where aa is a year code (e.g. 87 = 1987; 01 = 2001), b or bb is the Regional Identifier and n..... is a 1-6 digit serial number. A list of post-1987 R.O.I. Regional Identifiers follows below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Post-1987 R.O.I. Regional Identifiers (location of first registration): C County Cork CE County Clare CK County Cork (planned) CN County Cavan CW County Carlow D County Dublin DL County Donegal DR Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown (planned) G County Galway GY County Galway (planned) FL Fingal (planned) KE County Kildare KK County Kilkenny KY County Kerry L Limerick City LD County Longford LH County Louth LK County Limerick LM County Leitrim LS County Laois MH County Meath MN County Monaghan MO County Mayo OY County Offaly RN County Roscommon SN South Dublin (planned) SO County Sligo TN County Tipperary (North) TS County Tipperary (South) W Waterford City WD County Waterford WH County Westmeath WW County Wicklow WX County Wexford ZV (first registration of vehicle older than 30 years) / Dublin ZZ (temporary import) ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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