DQI TOOLBOX 2·0 for Windows

A message from the Dynamic Quality Improvement Programme software development team

DQI TOOLBOX 2·0 for Windows is Coming!

Following the success of The Royal College of Nursing DQI TOOLBOX Version 1 for DOS (first released in June 1994) a brand new version is being developed from scratch, incorporating all the best features of the original and using the very latest software techniques to take advantage of the much improved performance and display capabilities of modern computers.

What the new version has to offer

Points that make the new package more attractive

What you need to run the new package

The software needs a '386', '486', PentiumTM or AlphaTM computer with at least 4 Mb of memory (8 Mb recommended) and 4·5 Mb of free space on its hard disk, running any variant of WindowsTM from 3·1 and above. The package is supplied on high-density 3·5 inch diskettes (5·25 inch diskettes available on request). It is fully multi-user and network-compatible.

If you are currently using DQI TOOLBOX Version 1

If you have already installed DQI TOOLBOX 1 on your computer, the new version will be able to access all your existing files immediately. You will see that Form Sets are now 'bundled' together with index tags along the top (Standard Header, Standard, Audit Header, Audit, Data Sets, Summary, Action Plan, References). This enables the user to select whichever part of the Form Set is of interest. All the functionality of DQI TOOLBOX 1 has been retained, together with many added enhancements.

The most welcome change is in the way that the old (Protocol) Form, Data Record and Audit Record have been combined into a single 'spreadsheet-style' Audit page, with an ancillary Data Sets page to enable these to be managed simply. As data are altered, the audit results are immediately recalculated and it is quite instructive to watch this occur. Also, Data Sets can be 'included' or 'excluded' selectively by 'clicking' at the top of the relevant column on the Audit page (or the relevant check box on the Data Sets page) to see what effect results.

When will Version 2 be available?

The new package has already reached the experimental 'Beta' phase and is undergoing exhaustive trials whilst being piloted under genuine working conditions at selected sites around the United Kingdom. We are keen not to rush this process, so that every refinement can be incorporated and thoroughly evaluated before final release. Current estimates suggest a launch date during Spring 1998.

Special offer

If you would like to start using DQI TOOLBOX NOW, Version 1 is still available. As soon as Version 2 is released, you will be able to upgrade at a nominal additional cost only and without needing to alter any of your existing work. Please contact us now to obtain the full current package, or if you would like further information:

[Link here to DQI TOOLBOX Version 1 for DOS]

[Link here to 'Frequently-Asked Questions']

[End of document, updated to 1 December 1997]