ALLC 1992 - childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia - analysis details: endpoints, steering files and strata

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ALLC 1992 run-time diktats

List of ALLC 1992 endpoints

Endpoint Mnemonic Trial inclusion criteria

ALLC 1992 endpoint definitions (should be read in conjunction with Diktats)

Run-time strategy for data errors

Although efforts are made to create and maintain an 'error-free' database, numerous minor logical inconsistencies may persist during correspondence with trialists.


An event is taken to have occurred if: The event date is taken as the date died.

If an event is not taken to have occurred, the case is censored at the date last traced.

List of ALLC 1992 strata

Stratification Mnemonic Structure
Entry Age  10 
Stratum Abbreviation
Entry age less than 10  Age < 10 
Entry age 10 or more  Age 10+ 
Entry Age 
Stratum Abbreviation
Entry age less than 5  Age < 5 
Entry age 5 - 9  Age 5 - 9 
Entry age 10 - 14  Age 10 - 14 
Entry age 15 - 19  Age 15 - 19 
Entry age 20 or more  Age 20+ 
Entry age unknown  Age unknown 

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