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Convention for the representation of p values

Single-tailed p values are represented thus:
p > 0·1; NS
p = 0·1 (formerly represented as p = 0·10)
p = 0·0x
p = 0·00x
p = 0·000x
p = 0·0000x
p = 0·00001
p < 0·00001

Values are rounded to one significant digit x

Double-tailed p values are represented in the same way except prefixed by 2p, e.g. 2p = 0·00x

Using features from outside GALAXY


By including @A6::UDV5:[GALAXY]SETUP in your CTSU Alpha LOGIN.COM file (or by running it manually as required), various symbols and logical assignments can be made to enable some GALAXY software to be run from other usernames and machines on the CTSU Intranet. The *BURGER and *LASER commands and HELP can then be run directly, and many other programs can be run by prefixing their calls by GAGA, e.g. GAGA ZOE. In addition, it is possible to link to the GALAXY libraries when compiling programs by saying LINK program,@GAGA (plotfiles come out on channel 99).


Although PC access to the GALAXY environment has not yet been set up on the CTSU Intranet, all of the main software, the library and graphics have now been upgraded to run on the Microsoft Win-32 system and part or all of GALAXY could easily be installed as a 'standalone' collection on individual machines as required.

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