PC 1997 - prostate cancer - data structure and protocols

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Specification of PC 1997 'pink form' format

Item Description FORTRAN Columns Details Abbreviation
Trial/stratum identifying code  I6  1 - 6  Trial 
Patient identifier (or sequence number)  A12  8 - 19  Patient 
Randomisation date  I6  21 - 26  DDMMYY  Rand. Date 
Treatment group allocated (as on master list)  I1  28  Trt. Grp 
Entry age  I2  30 - 31  years  Age 
Stage T  I1  33 
Value Description Abbreviation
T0  T0 
T1  T1 
T2  T2 
T3  T3 
T4  T4 
Stage T 
Stage N  I1  35 
Value Description Abbreviation
N0  N0 
N1  N1 
N2  N2 
N3  N3 
N4  N4 
Stage N 
Stage M  I1  37 
Value Description Abbreviation
M0  M0 
M1  M1 
3 Mx Mx
Stage M 
Stage USA  I1  39 
Value Description Abbreviation
C1  C1 
C2  C2 
D1  D1 
D2  D2 
Stage USA 
Date died or last traced  I6  41 - 46  DDMMYY  L.F.U. 
10  State when last traced  I1  48 
Value Description Abbreviation
Alive  Alive 
Dead  Dead 
Lost  Lost 
11  ICD revision I2  50 - 51  ICDRev 
12  Cause of death (ICD)  I4  53 - 56  D.ICD 
13  Cause of death  I2  58 - 59 
Value Description Abbreviation
Other neoplasm 
Not 1,4,5 or prostate cancer 
10  Not prostate cancer 
11  Prostate cancer 
12  Unascertainable cause 
14  Name and comments  61 - end  Name 
Missing or unknown items are left blank or set to zero.

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